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The school day

The school day begins at 8.55am although we ask children to arrive from 8.40am so that they are able to settle down and begin their learning in the right frame of mind when the whistle blows at 8.55am. Children can play in the playground where there is a teacher on duty or if it is raining heavily, children can go straight into their classrooms.  Parents of reception children are welcome to stay with them until the whistle goes.


Times of School Sessions

Mornings:8.55 to 12.15
Afternoons:13.15 to 15.30

A total of 32 hours and 55 minutes per week.



Children have a choice of: 1. School meal.   2. Packed lunch. 

School meals are delivered to school in hot boxes by our school meal provider Independent Catering.

School meals are ordered online.

Children in the Reception class and in years 1 and 2 are currently entitled to a Universal Free School Lunch.

In addition, children across all years of parents who receive certain benefits may be entitled to free school meals.  More information on this is available from the school office.


School Organisation

The school is divided into 3 classes:

Foundation Stage/Key Stage 1Ash Class: Reception & Year 1Children aged 4+ to 5/6
Key Stage 1 & 2Elm Class: Years 2, 3 and 4Children aged 6/7 to 8/9
Key Stage 2Oak Class: Years 5 and 6Children aged 9/10 and 10/11


Each class takes a varied approach in providing for the mixed ages.  Much of the work is individually structured so that children can progress at their own rate.  New topics within these subjects are often introduced on a year-group basis, so children can also have the experience of working with their peers.  R.E. and foundation subjects are taken with the whole class and learning objectives are differentiated according to ability.

School Closures

If the school needs to close to pupils, for example, in adverse weather conditions, we inform parents by email and update the home page of the school website.

We also inform Kent County Council and parents can register to receive free alerts from them about school closures at