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Technology is a very important aspect of our daily lives. Teachers at Fordcombe recognise that it is important in today’s world that pupils should have a good knowledge and understanding of technology and how it can be used. Our teaching aims to develop pupils’ skills in using hardware and software, to develop their ability to use technology to support their use of language and communication, and to increase pupils’ awareness of the advantages and limitations of different forms of technology.


Our aims at Fordcombe for Computing are:

  • To stimulate and promote the use of technology in order to support, enhance and extend learning opportunities.
  • To develop pupil’s technological capability, including their knowledge and understanding of the importance of information and of how to select and prepare it.
  • To teach Computing as a specific curriculum area in accordance with the National Curriculum.
  • To use technology as a tool to enhance teaching and learning throughout all curriculum areas.
  • To help both pupils and staff to develop confidence and competence to use technology in a range of situations and contexts appropriate to the task.

Extending learning

Pupils in Key Stage 2 have access to MyMaths, software designed to support the acquisition of maths skills at home. All the pupils across the school also have access to PurpleMash, again, used to enhance the curriculum at school and beyond school.

Looking forward

Computing is constantly changing and, through review and analysis, we aim to keep our curriculum relevant and exciting for pupils.

Giving Pupils the Best Start to Their Education