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Learning Mentor

Staff at Fordcombe recognise that there may be times in a child’s life when they may need extra support at school. We employ a Learning Mentor who works one afternoon each week to support pupils who may have barriers to their learning and are not meeting their potential.


The Learning Mentor’s role is to lead and develop provision so that children have a calm and enjoyable learning experience at Fordcombe, establishing and maintaining positive relationships with families with children in school. In addition, the role involves developing and maintaining effective and supportive mentoring relationships with children and those engaged with them, encouraging participation and social inclusion. In a number of cases, the Learning Mentor may work within an extended range of agencies for support and learning opportunities and improve the quality of services to children.


The Learning Mentor may work one on one with children or take children in small groups working through issues such as building self-esteem and confidence and encouraging learning and social interaction with peers, responding to children who have experienced trauma such as a change in family circumstances or close family death.


The Learning Mentor contributes to the safeguarding and protection of children at Fordcombe, liaising with specialist services and other agencies where necessary.


The Learning Mentor works closely with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and is able to support families or parents that want to refer individual pupils to Kent’s Early Help Services where appropriate. Further information about services provided by Early Help can be found on the KELSi website at http://www.kelsi.org.uk/support-for-children-and-young-people/early-help-and-preventative-services.

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