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Modern Foreign Languages
At Fordcombe Primary School we use a variety of teaching and learning styles in our Modern Foreign Language lessons. Our principal aim is to develop children’s knowledge, skills, and understanding. Children have the opportunity to support their work with a variety of resources. We aim for a balance of whole class, group and independent learning. Wherever possible we encourage children to use and apply their learning in other areas of the curriculum; ICT, Geography, PE and Music, for example, are particularly appropriate for cross-curricular teaching. 


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Our chosen key language is French, based on popularity of choice at KS3, nearby secondary schools’ preferred languages, staff knowledge and availability of quality resources. The lessons are delivered by the MFL Subject Teacher or Class Teacher. 


Many Foundation and KS1 children attend a lunchtime French club on a voluntary basis. Children become accustomed to the French language, accent and intonation through French songs. They build their confidence and retain vocabulary through the songs and actions. Language songs, games and activities are highly enjoyable, motivating and inclusive and also develop other literacy skills. 

KS2 children are entitled to 45 minutes of MFL teaching a week and lessons aim to present new language once a week in the communicative approach, supporting new material with a balanced variety of activities enforcing learning through listening, speaking, reading and writing, games, role-play and comprehension activities. 



Our older classes are also learning Latin - though this is considered a 'dead'/unspoken language (though most pupils have a better understanding of Latin than they may think, through the spells used in the Harry Potter book series!) we believe this is an important part of a child's comprehension of languages generally, understanding the roots to our own and other languages such as French, Spanish and Italian and also giving them basic understanding of elements of the scientific world and medical world.