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Open Mornings

Although our formal Open Mornings have now all been held, we are very happy to run individual school tours for prospective parents and children. Please contact Vanessa Howard in the office on 01892 740224 or email to office@fordcombe.kent.sch.uk to discuss further. 

Pupil Spaces

We currently have some pupil spaces available. Please contact Vanessa Howard in the school office on 01892 740224 for more information.

If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.

Admissions Appeals

If you have not been offered a place at Fordcombe Primary School, the law entitles you to appeal against the decision to an Independent Appeal Panel. This panel is completely independent of the school and Local Authority. Appeals are currently being held remotely via video link. The school will make suitable arrangements for any appellants without access to the necessary technology.


If you wish to appeal, please notify the Tenax Schools Trust (which is the Admissions Authority for the school) via enquiries@tenaxschoolstrust.co.uk and further details will be provided.

Open events for Secondary School Entry September 2021

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