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School Access & Parking Plan

Limited parking is an issue that faces many village schools including Fordcombe. When parking in and around the village, please be considerate of Fordcombe residents, park legally and adhere to the school’s parking plan (see below). We have very good relationships with all our neighbours at school and we would like to maintain these through all of us parking considerately.


Please do not park in the village hall parking spaces and on the zig-zag lines which were added to the road outside school to improve children’s safety.


If parking in Chafford Lane, please avoid parking near the blind corner before the entrance to St Peters Row and if possible leave ‘pull in’ gaps between parked cars to prevent congestion.


We are very grateful to Paul and Jackie owners of the Chafford Arms  pub for the use of their car park at school drop off and pick up. To clarify, you may park in any space in the pub carpark on the mornings that their gate is open. For the afternoon pick up, parents must only park on the roadside of the car park. Please do not park in the pub car park at lunch time or during meetings as it is needed for customers.


The tarmac area (D) in front of the school is a road not a pavement. Therefore parents should behave accordingly when they are standing on it or crossing it, as cars may be passing at any time. Please remember to keep your children safe by keeping them close to you at all times.


Another area of concern is people parking too close to the corners of the junction between the tarmac area (D) and the main road. This makes it very difficult for cars to pull out safely. The Highway Code does state that you shouldn’t park within 10 metres of a junction.


The area in front of the bus shelter must be kept clear on the mornings and afternoons of any school trips.


Please adhere to the school’s parking plan at all times and ensure that anyone dropping off or picking up your child is also aware of the plan.


Many thanks for your consideration.

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