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SATs Results

The documents below show our most recent set of Statutory Attainment Test results. These results give a snapshot of pupil attainment at the end of Reception, Year 2 and Year 6.

We are extremely proud of this set of numbers, as it shows both the progress that pupils have made and the progress that the school has made in ensuring that pupils are ready in Year 6 for the next stage of their education.
The Ofsted data dashboard gives you the opportunity to quickly compare Fordcombe with other schools nationally, as well as other similar schools in similar situations. Please bear in mind that all small schools are affected by pupils being worth large percentages. If all our pupils attain a Level 4 in any subject, Fordcombe is in the top quintile of schools (green), if just one of our pupils attains a Level 3, this can be as much as 10% of our pupil population and so moves us into the middle (orange) quintile or even lower. This is something that you should consider when looking at the data dashboard of any small school.




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