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Fordcombe Primary School is fully committed to safeguarding and the promotion of the welfare of all children in our care. Working together with a variety of agencies, we ensure the appropriate arrangements are in place to assess, identify needs and support our children and families.

The school has 2 Designated Safeguarding Leads – Mr Blackburn (Head teacher) and Mrs Hood.

Should you have any concerns about the health, well-being or safety of any child attending the school, please do not hesitate to contact any of the aforementioned staff on 01892 740224 or via the office email (office@fordcombe.kent.sch.uk), marked ‘DSL Confidential’. These same officers will provide support, advice and/or signposting in relation to any e-safety concerns including any allegations of cyber-bullying. 


You can access our school policies including our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy here

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