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Parents' Guild

The Parents‘ Guild at Fordcombe CEP School is a charitable organisation, which exists to raise funds for the school through a variety of activities. It is run by a committee staffed with parent volunteers, and membership is open to all parents.
Regular fundraisers include the Cake Stall, Ice-cream Stall, Second Hand Book Stall, Second Hand Clothes Stall and Children's Discos. This year we will be holding a Children's Beetle Drive, a Quiz night, a Mum's fashion show and a last day of term party. Father Christmas will be invited to a specially made grotto while the children enjoy a Christmas party. Our Christmas fundraiser for 2014 will be a whole school calendar, with children grouped by birth month. We will organise own clothes days for charity, support the village fete by running the cake stall and help at St Peter's Church Christmas and summer fairs, as well as delivering harvest festival gifts. We run scholastic books book fairs in March and earn credit for books to be bought by the school.
Last year’s activities (2013-2014) have raised approximately £7200 and the Parents Guild have contributed approximately £9500 to school funds which have enabled the school to update reading books for classrooms, enrich maths resources, whole school art day and science day, author to visit the school, workshops for Beech and Elm class, camera for Ash class, compasses for Oak class, High vis vests with school logo, to name but a few. Parents' Guild funds also enabled Father Christmas to make an appearance at Fordcombe school with gifts for all the children.  
This is a fantastic achievement for such a small school and really demonstrates what we can do when everyone from the school and local community gets involved. For more information on the Parents’ Guild or for details of any forthcoming events please see the latest newsletter.

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