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Parents' Guild Cake Stall

It's the season for cakes, so read on.


Hopefully you will all be inspired by Bake Off and ready to bake for the school and our hungry kids of course…..


I will continue to run the cake stall, but this year It will be with Cathy Burgess Clement.


To try and simplify it this year we are going to ask for cake donations weekly by year group rather than by rota. This means the most cakes you'll ever have to do in one week is 12. This should suit a tray bake perfectly.


For those new to the school, the idea is that when it's your turn, you bake (or, if you can't, you can buy, though of course home baked is more fun!) 12 cakes and drop them off in the office ideally before 3.15 on the Thursday, otherwise formally known as ‘cake day’.


Don't feel you have to be elaborate as best sellers are crowd pleasers like rocky road, flapjack or chocolate crispies. Simple to make and fun to do with the kids.


We will try to put a reminder in the Monday weekly letter as to which year group is baking each week.


This year we plan to charge 30p a cake and 4 for £1. All funds raised are for the school so this is a great and fun way to help.


Some weeks we will set a theme and there may even be some competitions to follow once we are in the set of things, so watch this space.


First week after half term will be Ash Class.



Happy baking!

Lorna and Cathy.


Parents' Guild Cake Stall

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