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Our Values

The Values we explore and strive to live by are:

"I think the ethos of a Church of England School is quite different. It’s far more nurturing and caring. That’s what we wanted in a school." Parent of child in year 1


Our Christian Values are at the centre of everything we do at Fordcombe Church of England Primary School. Each week we focus on a different Christian Value.

This is done explicitly through our Collective Worship time and also throughout our curriculum. Children have regular opportunities to reflect on each value and to develop an understanding of the Value in action.

Each Friday, in our Celebration Worship, we acknowledge children who have demonstrated these values.

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Our Christian Values
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The Reverend Lisa Cornell (from St. Peter's Church) regularly leads our worship to help us reinforce our understanding of each value as she shares stories from the Bible and reflects on what they mean for us in our every day life. Children have opportunities to plan, prepare and lead worship for the whole school through the school faith group, the Leading Lights and also as they organise worship at key points in the Christian calendar for the whole school community.

We believe these values empower our pupils to develop their spirituality and guide them in their personal development as effective learners and good citizens.

"My child talks openly about God and enjoys RE and singing etc. I feel the school strikes the right balance of Christian learning, majoring on values and model behaviours, which is lovely. " parent of child in year 3


"I think that the fact that it is a CoE school is part of what goes into making the pastoral element strong. I think with our three, especially as they got older, the fact that the school is "officially" a faith school led them to question the nature of belief and faith in a way they would not have done in a non-faith school, and they have obviously felt comfortable doing so." parent of child in year 6


For more information please view the Christian Values for Schools website at

Values page updated February 2022