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Oak Class - Years 5 & 6 - Key Stage 2

Welcome to Oak Class


Please do not hesitate to speak to Mr Ockelford, Mrs Broad, Mrs McBride or the school office if you have any questions.



  • Most children are choosing their own individual reading books and can change them as and when required. The children keep a record of the books they are reading which will be monitored over the year. Children may bring books from home or books from the county library if they prefer. They may choose either fiction or non-fiction books. It is important that they read a little every day and whenever possible to share a book with you either reading together or talking about the book (the plot, the characters etc.). Please encourage them to read and to keep a good record of their reading.
  • Children will be taught reading through group reading with me once a week and undertaking reading and spelling activities on the other four days.
  • Whenever possible, children needing extra support will also have the opportunity to read to a teaching assistant or volunteer.
  • Systematic support is provided using Read, Write Inc. and Nessy.


Behaviour & Responsibilities

  • Being a member of Oak class comes with great responsibility!
  • I have high expectations of the children in terms of their attitude to learning and their behaviour towards each other.
  • They are often called upon to be ‘ambassadors’ for our school, either at sporting events or when showing visitors around.
  • I believe that children rise to the challenge that you set them, I have already spoken to the class about taking on important roles within the school.


  • Children have homework diaries to record the homework set.
  • Reading is a daily homework for the children and they should read for 20 - 30 minutes.
  • Wednesday: Please complete your child’s ‘Buster’s Book Club’ bookmark with the amount of minutes that they read on Wednesday evening.

  • In addition to reading there will be tables to be learnt. A little and often is the best way to learn for two or three minutes a day. The children should write out the table that we are learning and say it aloud as they practice. Using a timer can also challenge as the children must 'beat' their own score.
  • Spelling lists will be given out in 'half termly' blocks. The children have a spelling record book to complete this in.
  • The children will also have a ‘homework menu’ which they will be expected to select from each week. The activities on here will be more open-ended and encourage independence and problem solving.


Daily Routine and Clothing

  • The school gate opens at 8.40am and children may deposit their lunch boxes on the shelving outside before moving into the playground. They should not enter the classroom.
  • Please make sure children have named weather appropriate clothing such as coats, hats and gloves.
  • Please ensure that children have appropriate P.E. kit in school at all times. P.E. shirt, shorts and plimsolls or trainers are essential for the health and safety of the children. In the Spring term the weather can be rather cold. Despite this we will be going outside for P.E. whilst it is safe to do so. You are welcome to supply your child with black or dark blue tracksuit bottoms and/or top if they usually ‘feel the cold’.

Breaks and Snacks

  • Please provide children with a named water bottle. Water will always be available.
  • If you would like your child to have or continue to have milk, please see the office to make arrangements.
  • If you would like to provide a healthy snack please place in an appropriate named container. Children can keep these in their bags until break time.


Support and Assistance

Mrs Broad will assist in the class on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and Mrs McBride on a Friday morning. Mrs Broad will work with small groups in the afternoons.

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