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Year 4 Resilience and Emotional Regulation workshop

As a group of local headteachers, this is something we felt our Year 4 children would benefit from. I am very grateful that Sara Barker from the Christian charity Crossways Community, took up the call and organised this workshop for over 100 pupils from Ide Hill, Penshurst, Edenbridge, Four Elms and Fordcombe. The messages were about how the brain works when we enter a heightened state of emotion and what we can do to help get back to a more normal state (breathe, drink water, have a snack, go somewhere quiet and give our bodies a chance to take control). Many thanks too to Ali Tranter and Jenny Lowry from Life&Soul, and to Mike Harrowing from High Hopes who also came to support. A great afternoon for the children in our local community.

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