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Whole School Faith Day

‘Journey into the Light’ was the theme of our first Faith Day at Fordcombe on Thursday. Kicking off with the group from High Hopes who came dressed as the pirates, we looked at two verses from the New Testament about light and how we can show our own light and how we can be a light for others. The amazing Bertie Pearce paid us a visit in the morning to entertain us with his skills as a master magician as well as talk about ‘the Light’ and his own journey into ‘the Light’. Magical. Classes took part in a treasure hunt in the afternoon where Bible verses were linked to ideas and concepts about following God, all interspersed with trips around the school to find objects that symbolised elements from those verse.


It was a great day, with all the pupils again impressing with the way that in House groupings, older pupils supported younger pupils and vice versa. Many thanks Mrs Pearce and her small team of parent volunteers that organised this day.

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