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Oak Class learn about Evolution

On Thursday, Oak class were visited by Jeremy from Tunbridge Wells museum. He had brought with him some very exciting objects - skulls! He was visiting us to discuss evolution, which is related to our Science topic of 'evolution and inheritance' and also our work on the Victorians, as Charles Darwin was a very prominent Victorian scientist whose research shed light on this very subject.

We passed around the skulls as Jeremy discussed how adaptation and design are part of evolution and inheritance. He showed us how Darwin's discoveries on the Galapagos islands led to much further debate and theories around evolution. Lastly, he drew a very simple 'tree of life', which we were all amazed by as it showed us how we are actually all related (very distantly!) to one another. 

Many thanks to Jeremy and the team at Tunbridge Wells museum as they run these excellent outreach programmes for free.

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