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I am the shepherd. My sheep know me and I know my sheep.

A great afternoon was had when Samson the lamb came to Fordcombe School. The children have been learning all about what Jesus meant when he said​ "I am the good shepherd". A shepherd CARES, PROTECTS and GUIDES his sheep. We hold up this picture of Jesus and use it as a model for how all staff treat the children. 

A lamb, Samson, that was born this April from Mrs Pearce’s flock had a very difficult first few days of his life. He could never reach his mother’s milk because his front legs were not formed properly. Amazingly, Samson was adopted by another Mrs Pearce, who is a chiropractor. She worked daily on his legs and made Samson leg splints and now he is walking on all four legs. Samson was fed with a bottle of goats’ milk and all the children got a chance to see him. It is a story of survival but also one of love and care given to Samson. This is a great example of the good shepherd, in which all needs were taken into account.

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