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Homeless charity Porchlight visit Fordcombe

The Pupil Council have been busy at the start of the term organising the playground and the forthcoming talent show. But they have also been busy organising charities for pupils to support. Porchlight is a charity that supports homeless people in Kent; people who may have fallen on bad times for a variety of reasons. All the pupils at school had seen homeless people living on the street: Kate, from the charity, discussed the reasons for homelessness as well as the feelings that these people may have. Pupils have been tasked with collecting pennies in cardboard homes that each pupil has taken home and thern will return to school.
Many thanks to Kate for coming in and enlightening the whole school community about the plight of homeless people locally. It's great that we can show our love for those in our community by helping them to get back on their feet. Many thanks also to Ms Cox who is doing such a great job organising the Pupil Council this year with a range of initiatives.

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