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Elm Class Visit to Tunbridge Wells Museum & The Assembly Halls

On Friday 17th October we went on a school trip to Tunbridge Wells museum and we saw a World War 1 exhibition. We saw a full nurses costume with pull off sleeves. We also learnt about the first person to get an x-ray and get his arm back! He was called Private Jarvis.


Next we had lunch and a little play in Calverly Park. Then we went to the theatre and watched a play based on the poem ‘The Dreamers’. There were a lot of great songs that I loved and were sometimes repeated once or twice.


I had a great time and was really happy!


By Hannah .R.




I really loved our school trip because I enjoyed listening to all the amazing facts about World War 1. I also enjoyed seeing a stretcher that was over 100 years old! The most amazing fact was that there were 25 hospitals in Tunbridge Wells to heal people, some were General hospitals and the rest were part of the voluntary aid detachment. That meant people who had empty houses ha them turned into hospitals. I really enjoyed watching a World War 1 play called The Dreamers. I thought the singing was amazing and the acting has inspired me to want to be an actress.


I absolutely loved it!


By Liberty Smith



On our school trip we went to a museum, all this time it was about World War 1. When we were there we saw a stretcher, a mauser German rifle), a false leather leg and a false leather arm. We also saw an enlarged photo of a temporary hospital for wounded soldiers. I also drew a picture of a mauser from charcoal. I thought my picture was good for a beginner.


After lunch in the park we went to the theatre. We watched a musical play based on a poem ‘The Dreamer’ if you ask me, it was pretty exciting and I would like to go on a school trip like that again.


By Will Treutenaere


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