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Elm class visit Hastings Museum

On Tuesday 19th May, Elm class ventured on a trip to windy, salt smelling Hastings.

The journey to Hastings began with a chug as we travelled by train. Including the adults there were 36 of us and we almost took up an entire carriage. After around 45 minutes we finally arrived at our destination, Hastings.


Our first activity was at Hastings Museum. A kind lady guided us to where we needed to be and told us what we were doing. Our group’s first activity was to fill in a worksheet and watch a video about Grey Owl, a famous Native American – sort of!


Afterwards we made, coloured and cut a tipi of our own. I thought I would love to come back but our adventures were not over.

As we plodded off out of the museum, we gazed at the beautiful deep blue sea, we all got drenched by the waves! After lunch, we made Native American stories on pebbles and trundled back to the station.


Alice, Elm Class

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