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Dead Fish and Sludge Cakes!

Oak class trip to Bough Beech Water Treatment works on Friday 23rd May 2014


As part of our topic 'What's so special about water?' we have been finding out how water is treated on its journey from raindrop to our taps.

On Monday we had a visit from Jo from Sutton and East Surrey Water, and John from South East Water. They talked to us about how our water is supplied, and Jo gave us a practical demonstration of how 'raw (dirty) water' is treated to turn it into 'drinking water'.


On Friday we followed this up with a visit to Bough Beech Water treatment works. Highlights of the day included going over the reservoir to visit the valve tower and see the resident Housemartins gathering clay for their nests, going under the dam and reservoir through a long tunnel and then seeing the many stages that the water from the reservoir then went through.

The day ended with a lovely glass of ....water! Everyone said that the water tasted different now that they knew where it had come from!


Have a look at just a few photos from the day.

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