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Buster’s book club

The Senior Reading Monitors have been busily counting up the ‘Reading Minutes’ that you have been recording on your child’s ‘Buster’s book club’ bookmark every week.

This term, we have seen a pleasing rise in the number of children who read at home, but there is still work to do. Please record any reading that you do with your child in their Home Reading Record, and for one day a week record the total minutes they read that night on their ‘Buster’s Bookmark’ (which should be inside their Home Reading Record).

All the children have been awarded a Bronze Star Reading badge this term.

The following pupils have achieved their Silver Reading Badge:

Ash: Monty and Grace.

Beech: Ella, Jerome, Otto and Alex.

Elm: Lizzie, Olivia H, Sam and Phoebe.

Oak: Emma, Liberty and Evie.

These pupils have read an exceptional amount and have achieved their Gold Reading Badge:

Ash: Bethany and Tom.

Beech: Isla and Craig.

Elm: Emily H and Joseph.

Oak: isabelle and Will.


Well done everyone!

Thank you to our Senior Reading monitors, who have organised Buster’s book club data collection every week.

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