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Ash class visit to Hartsland Farm

Luckily we had a break in the rain as Ash Class made their way down to Holly's Farm (Hartsland Farm). The children were able to see all of the expectant Ewes in their pens and Holly's Mum (Sue) explained to us how they are looked after and the different breeds they keep. We then got to feed the Shetland Pony carrots before stroking her mane. Holly's Dad (Simon) then allowed us to sit in a number of tractors, diggers and even his quad bike. Finally we went to the newly born lamb barn. The children were able to move around then sheep pens looking at the little lambs and their mothers. The children were allowed to name a lamb each and wrote their names on the chalkboards outside their pens. We then helped Simon and Sue with some farm jobs, feeding the sheep hay and adding straw to their pens for them to sleep on. A huge thank you to Simon and Sue for all their time and effort in allowing this trip to happen, it was fantastic.

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