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Character Education

Character Education at Fordcombe School

The pupils have weekly Character Education sessions as part of our PSHE curriculum.


What is Character Education?

Character is a set of personal traits that produce specific moral emotions and guides a person’s behaviour and choices. Character education helps young people develop positive personal strengths called virtues. It is about helping pupils grasp what is ethically important in situations and how to act for the right reasons. Pupils need to decide wisely the kind of person they wish to become. In this process, the ultimate aim of character education is the development of good sense; this involves knowing how to choose the right course of action in difficult situations and it develops gradually out of the experience of making choices.

How do we teach Character Education?

The teachers have been using a special scheme developed to teach virtues such as kindness, courage, cooperation, justice, perseverance and caring through very interesting and interactive lessons.


This term, we have taken this a step further and have introduced our own ‘Fordcombe Character Crew’: a set of super hero teddy bears who represent and uphold different sets of virtues.

Each class their own set of bears and colourful posters to help them understand the different virtues that make up our character.

We recently held a whole school 'Character Day', where pupils and staff dressed as people whose virtues and character have inspired them to 'be the best version' of themselves.


Here are a few pictures of the pupils and staff in their costumes.

Oak class learn about the virtue of 'Patience'.

Our virtue to explore in Oak class this week was 'Patience'. The children came up with some excellent definitions, such as waiting calmly without getting upset and being patient with someone who is learning.

After discussing what patience is, how it feels to be patient and what being patience looks like, Mrs Watling decided that Oak class should put their patience to the test.

The challenge was to complete an art activity with Beech class, giving clear instructions and then praising them when they showed patience or supporting them when they were rushing.

All the pupils listened well to each other, and Oak were excellent at praising the Beech class pupils.

Some of the artwork will be displayed around the school in the next week

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