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Ash Class - Reception - Foundation Stage

Welcome to Ash Class


This page will be updated regularly with the weekly parent newsletters to keep you informed about the learning in Ash Class. If you have agreed to us using your child’s photo on our website, the photo gallery will be regularly updated with pictures of the children and learning that is taking place in the classroom. Photographs of special visitors and trips can also be found here.



  • In Ash Class children will bring home one library book per week to share with you at home. This is chosen by the children. They will also bring home reading books from the Oxford Reading Tree. There will be three different books changed on a Monday and Thursday.

  • Children benefit greatly from reading at home. An individual reading record will be sent home with the reading books. Please sign your child’s reading record when the book is complete and if appropriate share any information about how they have got on.

  • Sharing other literary material and text types at home is extremely useful and engaging to develop your child’s reading.

  • Practicing the red words that are in your child’s book bag will help them to develop a bank of more frequently used words for reading. Red words are tricky ones that children can’t use their phonetic knowledge to sound out in the ordinary way.


    Home Learning Journals

  • These are for you to use as you please. Each weekly newsletter will include a home learning question or task. You might like to record these in the home learning journal.

  • You can also write notes or stick in photos of special events that the children can share in class. These are shared during Snack and Social Time.


    Wow Moments

  • These are certificates that we share in class. However, these are not given out by me, but by you. If your child does something new at home like riding a bike without stabilisers or decoding words for reading you can fill out a wow moment and these are celebrated in class and put onto a special display board.


    Daily Routine

  • The school gate opens at 8.40am and children in Ash Class come straight into the classroom until they are settled and happy with the school routine. The children put away their book bags and coats and sit at their Clever Fingers activities, developing their fine motor skills.

  • We tidy for registration at 9am.

  • Children finish school at 3.30pm and can be collected from the main gates.


    Snack Time

  • In Ash Class we have two snack times throughout the day. One at 10.10am and another at 3pm.

  • Morning snack is provided by the school for all children. If you would like your child to have milk with this snack please sign them up onto the milk register.

  • We ask that you provide a snack for the afternoon. This needs to be either fruit or vegetables.

  • Please provide children with a named water bottle. They have free access to their water bottles throughout the school day and are regularly reminded to drink from them.



  • As a rule in Ash Class we say no toys as we do not want these to get lost or broken. Sometimes topic related items might be requested on the weekly newsletter for children to bring in and share.


If you have any questions or concerns relating to your child’s time in Ash class, please don’t hesitate to speak to Mrs Saxty or Mrs Evans. We are always happy to help!

Ash Class Welcome Booklet

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