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Welcome to the Governor's section of the website. Here you will learn a little more about Fordcombe CE Primary School's Governing Body and what we do. We hope you find this helpful. If you need to contact us please do so through the School Office.




Picture 1 Mr Chris Blackburn - Headteacher - Ex-Officio
Picture 2 Mrs Sarah Finch - Chair & Trust
Picture 3 Mr Anthony Hughes - Trust
Picture 4 Rev. Tom Holme - Trust
Picture 5 Mr David Jepps - Trust
Picture 6 Mrs Helen Pearce - Trust
Picture 7 Mr Adam Quilter - Parent
Picture 8 Mrs Vanessa Howard - Clerk to the Governors

The Governors Role


Our main responsibility is to support the Headteacher and the staff. Within this, Governors have 3 main roles:


  • Strategic – we ensure our school has clear aims and values.  We focus on raising standards of achievement, ensure resources are prioritised and linked to the School Improvement Plan, set out and review policies and procedures and review targets and achievement against those.


  • Critical Friend – we monitor and evaluate how the school is progressing, providing support when strategies to bring about improvement are being explored and strike a balance between support and challenge.


  • Accountability – we account to the whole school community for the performance of the school.  We question and refine proposals while respecting the professional roles of the Headteacher and staff.  We account for the school's performance and explain decisions and actions to anyone with a legitimate interest.


Much of the work is carried out by committees or individual governors with a specific responsibility for an area of the school. Reports are then submitted for discussion at a full governor's meeting.


Governors each have different reasons for becoming a governor, come from different backgrounds and have a wide range of skills and experience, which are used when working with the school.  As governors, people give up their time on a voluntary basis but it is a very rewarding and interesting way to become involved in the life of the school.


The full Governing Body typically meets 6 times a year and minutes from these meetings are available to view in the school office on request.


How the Governing Body is constituted

The Governing Body itself is set up by an Instrument of Government that also sets out the number of each type of Governor it should consist of.  Fordcombe CE Primary School's Governing Body should be 12 members:


Foundation – appointed  by the Parochial Church Council of the Parish of Fordcombe – 3

Foundation – appointed by the Rochester Diocesan Board of Education - 2

Foundation - appointed by the Bishop of Rochester - 1

Foundation - Ex-officio – 1

Headteacher - Ex-officio - 1

Staff Governor – elected - 1

Parent Governor – elected - 2

Local Authority Governor – 1


  • Foundation governors in Church schools are those appointed by the Church authorities. Often in Anglican schools the incumbent of the parish will be a member of the governing body, by virtue of his/her office - this is called an ex officio governor. Other foundation governors will mostly be active lay people.
  • The Headteacher is a member of the governing body by virtue of his/her office (ex-officio)


  • The staff governor is elected from the teaching and non-teaching staff.


  • Parent governors are elected by parents.


  • Local Authority (LA) governors are nominated by the Local Authority that maintains the school.

Governors' Code of Conduct

Statutory Governor Information

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